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Widget-based photo albumTile Widget

Decorate Home Screen
with your friends' albums


Share Your daily life

Tile Widget is a new social media service that allows you to create albums of your photos and videos, share them with friends, and decorate your home screenShare all of your moments as a tile widget


Share your moments

Moments you want to remember,
Moments you want to remember, memories you want to show to your friends. Save all these things in an album

Tile widget provides various functions in the form of an album. Now tell your friends about your daily life

Easy to share daily life


Make albums to widget

With your album, different people can decorate their Home Screen wonderful evenings, moments, loved ones...

All these things can be the main of the widget

Daily life into the widget


Reactions from widget

Check your friends reactions on the widget

Your friends reactions on the home screen

Enjoy reactions

How to make Home screen widget - Try it!


Home Screen
with widgets

Tile Widget offers powerful widgets
You can create and decorate widgets
such as D-Day, schedule with your friends photos

The easiest way to use various widgets!

All in the Tile Widget


Make your album private

You can create an album that only you can see
through 'Make a tile only for me'

Decorate your home screen with albums that only you can see

Albums that only I can access to are provided


Share Your daily life

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